With Young People • For Young People


This is who we are

Matrix is a Christian charity providing a lifeline for vulnerable young people across Guildford Borough. Established for nearly 20 years, we are dedicated to working with young people, helping them to improve their lives, and for young people, catalysing change by nurturing, inspiring, celebrating and empowering them.

Over the years Matrix has met and served 1000’s of young people in schools and in the community and has made a real difference to young people’s lives. Today we continue to partner with young people, local organisations, churches, schools and the community to help young people make the most of their lives, enabling them to become active citizens in their communities.



We work with schools, as an integral part of their pastoral system, providing professional Mental Health First Aid trained Youth Workers to build long-term relationships and walk alongside young people in their life’s journey. Some of this work is preventative, but much is responding to the growing level of wellbeing needs amongst young people.

Many young people don’t have the means or confidence to go far from home, so we provide positive activities and safe spaces directly in their own communities, across Guildford Borough. As well as youth hubs and after-school provision, we also seek to increase access to a wider range of opportunities that might otherwise might be out of reach for young people.



We collaborate with local organisations providing new experiences for young people, from Band Tours with The Boileroom, to Art Days with local artists, and from making films to raise awareness about mental health, to providing reflective Prayer Spaces in schools.   

We give young people a chance to have a say, by engaging them in research, helping to identify specific needs in their local community and using this to develop relevant projects. As part of local Advisory Boards, we represent the voice of young people at a higher level than they could reach on their own.

Through Mental Health First Aid courses and Volunteer training, we give more people the skills to support young people in times of need.