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Detached Youth Work in YOUR Community

New Detached Youth Work Projects

Since COVID-19 hit we paused all community activities, and instead have been developing new ways to interact with young people in their neighbourhoods. The team decided that ‘detached’ youth work would enable us to reach young people where they are at, providing a safe ‘space’ to chat, find support and have fun.

We don’t want to just deliver pre-planned activities, but rather ‘build trust and creatively building on young people’s needs’ (Children & Young People Now). So, in August, we set about researching areas in Guildford where young people hang out, starting with areas where they don’t have access to anything after school, and therefore potential places where we could start a detached youth work project.

Where can you find us?

Chatting to young people, we found out where they hang out and what they have been up to over the summer and during lockdown. This led us to areas of Stoughton, Stoke Park, Slyfield, Guildford Town Centre, Bellfields and Bushy Hill, through wind, rain and scorching sunshine!

And now we’re off! So keep your eyes peeled for our Youth Workers in Bellfields on a Monday after school and Bushy Hill on a Thursday. Come and join in games or just hang out and chat with us. And check out @matrix_guildford for updates on what we’re up to and where!

To find out more or to volunteer, email [email protected]