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Annual Review 2018-19

Over the last year, and with a dynamic team of 8 staff and 25 volunteers,  Matrix has served nearly 3000 young people in schools and in the community.  Providing  regular in-depth support, new experiences and innovative opportunities, Matrix has a positive and far-reaching impact on young lives across the community.

Established over 20 years ago, Matrix has an impressive track record. We develop  strong partnerships with local organisations, such as churches and schools, whilst addressing one of the most important issues we face today, social exclusion. This year’s annual review demonstrates the impact clearly:

“I feel like I belong and like I’m not alone.”

Our goal is to nurture, inspire, connect and empower young people in need, some of them being the most vulnerable in Guildford Borough.  Our work engages and develops young people so they can step up to life’s challenges and grow into the strong citizens and leaders of tomorrow that they want to be.

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