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Louisa’s Lessons

When we first met Louisa*, she was shy and had some self-confidence issues. She really cares about the people around her, but struggles to care about herself in the same way.

We began one-to-one sessions with Louisa at school, this meant that she was in a safe space to open up and share her thoughts. We started off by filling out a self-esteem worksheet, with the aim to create a sheet full of positive things she and others thought about herself. As Louisa started to fill in the sheet she felt very sad and said she didn’t have anything positive to say about herself, and thought that she didn’t know who she was.

However, as we started to fill in the sheet together she began to think of more and more positive things she could say about herself, you could see her starting to smile and being amazed at how many good qualities she actually had to write down. It looked like a weight was being lifted off her shoulders as she started to write more and more down. 

Louisa told us these sessions improved her self-confidence and wellbeing: “Thank you so much, these sessions have really helped me”

*Name changed for identity purposes