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Could you support us for just £1 a month?

A little way to make a big impact!

At Matrix we often say that “we do a lot with a little”. As such, if you’ve been following us for any length of time, you’ll know that we’re now the main youth work provider in Guildford Borough, making a big impact serving thousands of young people and their families across 15+ projects, in schools and the community. This means that the ‘little’ we require is now a lot more!

This year we are hoping to raise £12,000 by asking 1000 people, just like you to commit to giving just £1 per month for a whole year.

By giving a little, you’re able to do a lot. Here’s how you can help:

For just £1 per month you have the opportunity to make a massive impact on the lives of young people

  • Your £1 will fund a free meal for a young person to eat with their friends at the Youth Hideaway
  • Your £12 over a year will fund a conversation with a Youth Worker around a pool table
  • The £1000 we aim to raise each month through this scheme will pay for a full year’s support for 2 young people

By giving a little, you’re able to do a lot.

With every £1 you are strengthening our work and enabling us to reach more young people so they can make the most of their lives.

It’s easy to get involved!