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Volunteer School Transition Coach

Train as a Volunteer School Transition Coach and make a difference to a young person’s life

We’re looking for Volunteer School Transition Coaches to be part of our project providing one-to-one support for Year 6 students preparing for the big step up into secondary school.

It can be an anxious and tough transition for young people. Changing friendship groups, a host of different subjects and teachers to get to know and finding their way around a school four times bigger than their last one! And in 2020, without induction visits, it’s an even more uncertain time for young people moving schools.

Read Grace’s story and find out how our Transition Coach has helped her through her first year.

Matrix School Transition Coaches from local churches, volunteer 1 hour a week for 12 months to support 1 student. Full training, resources and support are provided.

If you’re interested in becoming a School Transition Coach, contact Helen Gillon  [email protected]

A community project in partnership with TLG, the Community Foundation for Surrey,  The Cinnamon Network and Ubisoft.