Youth and Social Enterprise Café

New Youth Café coming to Town!

We’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it!

Do you want to help make it a success?


After years of planning and with the generosity of donors, we are finally moving towards the launch of our new Social Enterprise and Youth Café this summer!

It’s an entrepreneurial  venture at Allen House Pavilion , that will create a Café that serves young people after-school, and the wider community during the day…


A Youth Café that serves young people (11-18 years) with:

A welcoming and social space

* Upskilling, leadership and life skills

* Training programmes

* 1:1 Support

* Connection to inspiring role-models from the business and residential communities


A Social Enterprise Café open to the public

* A trading Café open to the community

* Accredited training and work placements for Young People

* Meeting/ training room hire


We’re nearly there, but still need your help…

Can you donate time or money to help make this a success?


Check out our volunteering vacancies here


To help us reach our target , make a donation 

£50 gives 8 young people a youth Café session

£500 trains our volunteer team to help run the Café

£1,000 provides 150 young people with life-skills workshops 

* £5,000 opens the Youth Café one day a week for 6 months